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Project Concept

What is the Zeencoin?

The zeencoin is a digital currency generated from the Ethereum blockchain.

It is a token that meets ERC-20 speculative and utilitarian standards that aims for fundraising to finance start-up seed capital with high development potential in Africa.

The Zeencoin token can be used on all developed applications, it will allow its owners to benefit from an integrated economy whilst benefiting from cryptocurrency advantages.

  • Stratégie Blockchain
  • Transactions privées
  • Contrats intelligents
  • Pay back

How Tokens are structured ?

Distributed to the community
Reserved for the team
Duration: 45 days
Token Symbol : ZEEN
Standards: ERC-20
Soft Cap: 2,5 million $
Hard Cap: 25 million $
Total Supply: 50 000 000 ZEEN
Total number of tokens distributed: 35 000 000 ZEEN
Price: 1000 ZEEN = 1 Ethereum





Product based on the ETH Blockchain

The blockchain is a technology that allows to store and transmit information transparently, securely and without a central control body.

It looks like a large database that contains the history of all the exchanges made between its users since its creation. The blockchain can be used in three ways: for the transfer of assets (currency, securities, shares …), for better traceability of assets and to automatically execute contracts (“smart contracts”).

  • Assurances
  • Peer to Peer
  • Echange de Tokens
  • Applications décentralisées

How the distribution will be organized?

April 2018
Zeencoin token development
Jun 2018
Zeencoin private sales
25 December 2018
Zeencoin communication campaign
Mars 2019
development of the African blockchain WETHIO
May 2018
Development of Hayat Maroc
15 December 2018
Deployment of Hayat in Morocco
25 Janvier 2019
Zeencoin ICO
Développement version beta de Beauty&Wellness Targeted marketing strategy. Reliable solution for your token sale and promotion.
Lancement de la prévente Internet access has been declared a human right by United States, its start-up culture is booming.
August 2018
Genèse du Zeencoin Le Zeencoin, c’est d’abord l’histoire d’une formidable aventure humaine, fruit de la rencontre d’une équipe composée de personnes originaires d’univers très différents. Tout commence en Août 2017, quand Karim BENABDELKADER fait la connaissance de Mossaab Tazi. A cette époque Karim est gérant d’une agence de communication digitale basée à Marrakech . Mossaab TAZI, lui, est
Déblocage des fonds sur le fond d’investissement International ICOs may need to consider US regulations to avoid falling foul of the SEC in the event of US persons acquiring tokens.
Cloture de l’ICO International ICOs may need to consider US regulations to avoid falling foul of the SEC in the event of US persons acquiring tokens.
October 2018
L’Afrique : Un Continent En Pleine Révolution Digitale Continent des millennials, très urbanisé, disposant d’une classe moyenne émergente et connectée, l’Afrique compte déjà un nombre de smartphones supérieur à celui de l’Europe. Et, avec plus d’un milliard de dollars de financements attendus dans le secteur des nouvelles technologies à l’horizon 2020, elle est aujourd’hui perçue comme un pôle d’investissement dans la tech très
Déploiement de Hayat sur le Maroc We created an idea when developed City One Apps second Kickstarter project, it was launched a few years ago.
November 2018
Lancement de l’ICO World First ‘Crypto Concert’ to be Performed on Second Day of BlockShow USA
September 2018

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